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Vascular dementia (bitesize)

Vascular dementia (bitesize)


What I liked about this Dementia Help Sheet (link below): 

  • It does remind me to face the problem in front of me and not too worry about what I cannot control.  It shapes a certain Taoist approach: deal with what you can control.  So, in this way, this sheet helps…  Makes sense to me anyway.  Read the Tao of Pooh if I have lost you. 

Key points I extracted from this Help Sheet: 

  • Wherever it comes from,  dementia is as unique as your loved one is. 
  • Prevent more strokes by keeping an eye on food and physical exercise. 

What I do: 

  • I do what I have to do and do not spend time over thinking. If it has to be done, then I do it and move on.  Life is too short. 


    Author of this blog (Transparency):   

    • I work for CPR Global Tech and, for personal reasons, like many people, I have had to learn a lot about dementia the hard way.  As there is a natural forum on our website, it makes sense for me to share info here. 

    Source: https://www.dementia.org.au/files/helpsheets/Helpsheet-AboutDementia16-VascularDementia_english.pdf 

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