Ways To Help Elderly Loved Ones Live Independently

Ways To Help Elderly Loved Ones Live Independently

Ways to Help Elderly Loved Ones to live Independently

Think back to when you were a child. Wouldn’t your parents have done everything in their power to keep you safe, regardless how much you objected? As difficult as it is to accept that the roles have been reversed, we all have social responsibility to ensure our vulnerable loved ones are always safe and secure.

With today’s innovative approach to the way we stay in touch each other via technology, caregivers and the vulnerable can have strong confidence in the future.

For caregivers, one of the biggest concerns is the possibility of an accident. Lethal health problems can arise if no one is present in the event of a fall. For seniors, it’s important that they can contact family or emergency services in the event of an medical emergency.

A cost-effective way of keeping your older relatives safe at home is a CPR Guardian. The CPR Guardian a lightweight device that can be worn on the wrist and detects when the wristband alarm button is pressed, alerting the caregiver.

The CPR Guardian is smartwatch designed to keep the wearer safe, independent and active at all times with a built-in emergency assist button, a heart rate monitor, mobile phone and GPS tracking.

Just like a phone but easier
Keeping in touch is easy with phone calls, voice messages and an SOS button in case of an emergency. Unlike most smart devices, the CPR Guardian is very easy to use and set-up.

Know the location of the wearer
The CPR Guardian is ideal for vulnerable people as it has the ability to track the wearer’s GPS location and their daily walking activity at any time.

Built-In Emergency Assist Button
In the event of an emergency, the watch will be able to alert contacts when the SOS button is held down. It also updates the wearer’s location through the CPR Guardian smartphone app, available on iOS and Android.

Monitor health
The Guardian II constantly monitors the wearer’s heart rate and alerts you if your loved one’s heart rate drops below 30 beats per minute.

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