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The GUARDIAN II is a GPS tracker that provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind and reassurance knowing you can always be there for them whenever they need you. The guardian II could quite easily be the best medical alert system for dementia sufferers and those who support them.

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GPS Location Tracking

Wandering off is no longer an issue. Track the wearer and the route taken to their current position. Fantastic as a dementia GPS tracker watch.

SOS Emergency Response System

In an emergency, the wearer can phone for help by holding the red SOS button. Great as a discrete panic alarm or fall alarm for elderly relatives

Heart Rate Monitor

Guardian monitors the wearer’s heart every 10 minutes and sends this information directly to the APP. A low heart rate (below 30 beats per minute) will send a warning to your smartphone.

Set Safety Zones 

Set Safety Zones 

Geo-Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like home or the park. Be alerted when the wearer returns to or leaves a location.

Nationwide Coverage

Our Chameleon SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all EU mobile networks, to find the strongest signal, supporting dementia sufferers from day one.

Mobile Phone Built-In

Much more than a fall alarm for elderly relatives. Make or receive mobile phone calls straight from the watch

Syncs With Smartphone

The CPR Guardian Smartphone App available for both Apple & Android allows your monitor, locate, call and receive health alerts straight to your phone.

Monitoring Software Integration via SMS

Compatible Monitoring Software:

1. Tunstall PNC8
2. Jontek V9
3. Sentinel

Active SMS modules are required for CPR Guardian to connect to the above software packages.

Example Device Message Sent via SMS:

Compatible Monitoring Software:

IMEI: 353532064851251
Battery: 48%

CPR Guardian Mobile APP monitoring:

• Manage multiple devices
• View Realtime tracking information
• View tracking playback
• Set Geo Zones
• Alarm monitoring
• Set SOS contacts

• Send voice messages to the device
• Voice call the device
• Measure heartrate from the APP
• Edit device and user information
• View Alarm, Device and user statistics

CPR Guardian Web portal monitoring

(Available Q1 2020):

• Manage 1000s of devices
• View Realtime tracking information
• View tracking playback
• View Heart rate and pedometer data
• Set Geo Zones
• Alarm monitoring
• Edit device and user information
• View Alarm, Device and user statistics

Helping people lead a healthier lifestyle without limits

GPS Location Tracker

Heart Rate Monitor

Emergency Assist Button

Two way calling

Safety Geo-Zones

Smartphone App

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