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CPR Guardian II - Grey

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  • 1 x CPR Guardian Watch
  • 1 x CPR Pay As You Go Sim
    (Can be upgraded to unlimited)
  • CPR Guardian easy to use personal alarm watch allows the wearer to make an SOS call, call friends and family and monitor heart rate.
  • Plus giving family and friends the wearer's GPS location, Heart rate and pedometer data by using our mobile app.
  • Designed Specifically for easy of use.
  • Emergency SOS Button
  • Smart GPS Location Tracking
  • Automatic Heart Rate Monitor .
  • IP67 Waterproof - Can use in the shower or bath.
  • 48 Hours Battery life
  • Slim, discrete, fashionable and comfortable to wear
  • Carers can monitor the watch from the Guardian APP
  • Pre-Installed CPR Chameleon SIM with £3 of credit - One Sim all Networks
  • Works straight out of the box
  • USA Customers: Guardian only works on T-Mobile 2G Networks.
  • Keeping connected has never been so easy

    The CPR Guardian is an easy to use standalone mobile phone watch with intergrated sim card. Family and Relatives can monitor the location and wellbeing of the wearer remotely by using the CPR Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. If a check in call is needed carers can also voice call the watch and speak to the wearer.

    • Set geo safety zones.

      Safety Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like home or the park. Receive APP alerts every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.
    • GPS Location Tracking

      Wondering off Is no longer an issue, family members or carer’s can track the location of the wearer at any time using the “CPR monitoring” mobile application.
    • Two-way SOS calls

      SOS button allows the wearer to immediately loudspeaker call 5 preset contacts using the built in mobile phone.
    • Heart rate monitor

      Guardian monitors the wearer heart rate every 10 minutes and sends this data directly to the CPR Monitoring APP.
    • Waterproof

      The personal alarm watch can be worn in the shower where the risk of having a fall is greater.
    • 48-hour battery charge

      Guardian features a working time of up to 48 hours and provides low battery notifications to both the wearer and APP users.
    • Includes multi-network SIM

      The embedded CPR Chameleon SIM card provide unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU by accessing all major mobile networks
    • Easy to use mobile APP

      Family and Carers can monitor the location and wellbeing of the wearer remotely by using the CPR Guardian mobile APP for Android and Apple / iOS.
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    • The Guardian 3 movement sensor constantly monitors changes in the movement of the wearer.

    • If a fall is detected Guardian will ask the wearer if they are OK, If they respond NO or do not respond Guardian 3 will alert up to 5 pre-set emergency contacts via SMS and APP notification then voice calls until answered

    • The watch will send its GPS location directly to the carers smartphone APP.

    • Family & friends can always be there in case of a fall emergency.

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    • Outdoor GPS Location Tracking with Location Alerts

      Personal GPS location tracker with alerts when the wearer leaves a certain outside location or area.

    • SOS Alarm with two-way calling

      The SOS button allows the wearer to call a relative, carer or telecare service without the need of a mobile phone.

    • Heart Rate Monitor & Health Alerts

      Monitor the wearer’s heart rate remotely.

    • The Red SOS button allows the wearer to immediately notify & voice call 5 preset contacts from anywhere by using the mobile phone function.

    • This alerts 5 pre-set emergency contacts via SMS and APP notification then voice calls until answered.

    • The watch will send its GPS location directly to the carers smartphone APP.

    • Family & friends can always be there in case of an emergency

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      The CPR Guardian will be sent out to the wearers address ready to use straight out of box.

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    Why choose the CPR Guardian?

    CPR Guardian (CPR Global Tech Ltd) has been designing and manufacturing telecoms product for more than 10 years. Since 2010 we have helped over 1,000,000 people stay safe inside and outside of their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK, USA, and the rest of the world.

    Unlike other providers, we run our own mobile SIM network (CPR Chameleon) which provides unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU by accessing all major mobile networks. When the signal from one operator is low or lost, CPR Chameleon will automatically connect to another available operator, ensuring you always have a good connection wherever you are. Running our own mobile network also allows us to diagnose problems and provide solutions in a fraction of the time.

    CPR’s technical support team are on hand via phone, live chat, or email to assist with any issues or questions you may have.

    Our data and applications are processed and stored securely on GDPR compliant Amazon AWS servers hosted in London, UK. We conduct regular security penetration tests on our applications and databases to further ensure your data is always secure.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 111 reviews
    Wendy Layard
    Couldn’t recommend this watch enough

    Got my mums 1st cpr guardian watch in 2013 following her stroke and updated to a newer model in 2019/20. My mum is happy to wear the watch has in its own right its a stylish watch but also gives us her family peace of mind that she also has the emergency button if she needs it. We also know she is up and about via the step counter which is a way we knew she is ok without having to ring her which again which again allows mum independence and us peace of mind. If I have had any issues customer/technical services are only a phone call away and solve issues on the phone if possible but if not i just send the watch to them in a postage paid envelope and it is always returned in a few days (always less than a week). We can also ring the watch if my mum is not answering her landline phone usually when she is sat in the garden. I can highley recommend this product for people who are trying to keep has independent has possible while their family want peace of mind that they are safe

    Jemma Davies
    Couldn’t recommend this watch enough

    Couldn’t recommend this watch enough. My father had recently suffered short term memory loss and we were concerned this would become a regular issue. The watch gave us peace of mind that we could monitor his heart rate from the app and also locate him should he forget where he was; by using the gps tracker. I had notifications for when he would leave and return to the home address, and how much battery life was left so I could nag him to put it on charge! His heart rate was stored on the app, which was extremely useful as we could share this data with his GP. She was also impressed with this feature. 5stars.

    Gary Taylor
    Although disappointed to discover that…

    Although disappointed to discover that authority for my mothers health and welfare is a different matter to the registered Enduring Power of Attorney that I have held since 2016, It was explained clearly and I was directed to the Court of Protection for further information. Unfortunately, their phone isn't being answered after four separate attempts to get through covering over an hour and a half waiting!
    Like me I imagine when most people enter the arrangement of being a person attorney it is not at first clear that Health and Welfare are a different affair from financial matters. I don't believe it would be difficult to make this distinction to applicants for EPoA early in the process so that all the relevant paperwork can be completed.

    K Louth
    Needed another charge cable for my…

    Needed another charge cable for my brothers watch. Good price , came quickly, works great.

    Hello one & All

    I would like to tell you, about a journey I have had with this Company over the last three years.
    My wife has developed Dementia and as a partener I became worried when she (The Wife)
    Wanted to go out walking on her own.
    I purchased the CPR tracking watch and over three years the tracking on the app was hit and miss.
    The company's support team has been second to none over the past three years.
    I stuck fast, even when the watch did not work, or the app display failed, this company are dedicated into delivering a quality product. They need your feed back and help.
    They have just Brought out a new CPR Gardian III.
    The new version is slightly bigger than the Guardian II but this watch
    Is fantastic, No I don't work for the company & No I have not reciecved any cash for this review, my aim is tell all my fellow suffiers about this Watch, try it, you will have piece of mind when your loved one wants a walk.
    .The support staff are great. They understand you problems. The New watch covers falls and detection anyone who has a loved one with blackouts.
    Bill Sankey

    Irita Brown
    After problems with my watch which was…

    After problems with my watch which was only 18 months old , the company led by Chelsea Davies , the customer services manager, they replaced my watch with new one . I was extremely happy with how Chelsea dealt with this matter so cannot speak more highly of the company .

    David Sandbrook

    Having been falling about and hurting myself quite badly, banging my head on walls and ending up really badly bruised,my husband was recommended to purchase a CPR Guardian watch for me,and after hearing a few good reports he decided to purchase one, it comes with GPS Tracker with SOS EMERGENCY assist button and has a two way phone calling system that can be set to family members for assistance and location tracking.
    It also has a heart monitor that can keep track of my well being.
    This proved invaluable when I fell in my bedroom and my husband was outside in the garden.The watch alerted him to come to my aid,and what could have been very upsetting for me was sorted when he appeared almost immediately and managed to help me to my feet again. Think this is the best purchase he has made on my behalf.
    Thank you so much,wishing you continued success with this product.

    Brilliant turnaround…

    I have had issues with my CPR Guardian watch and was beginning to lose faith in it. However after spending some time this morning with Watchu trying to fix, I received a call to say that they were sending me a new watch with all issues sorted. I am so grateful to them and now my review has gone from 2 stars to 5. Brilliant customer service and support. Thank you.

    Olivier Rubbers
    Very satisfying complaint handling

    I had to complain about a technical and a customer's service issue and I must say my complaint has been handled rapidly and in a very satisfying way, solving it all.
    Which makes my experience with CPR quite positive.
    Thanks to Orpheus of CPR Guardian!

    Roger Watkins
    Quick charging but a longer cable would…

    Quick charging but a longer cable would be very useful.