10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

Personal alarms for the elderly can provide security and peace of mind. They can alert family members, neighbours, and emergency services, allowing a quicker response. They can also help seniors maintain their independence by giving them access to help when needed.

Personal alarms can also provide comfort and reassurance to seniors and their family members, knowing that help is available if something goes wrong. So here are the best personal alarms for the elderly in 2023.

1. CPR Guardian Personal Alarms for the Elderly

10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

CPR Guardian is an easy-to-use standalone mobile phone watch with an integrated SIM card. It’s a personal alarm that contacts family. They can view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely by using the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. Carers can call the fall detection watch just like a mobile phone.

Here are some of its great features:

  • Safety Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like a home or a park. Receive APP alerts from the personal alarm every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.
  • Wondering off is no longer an issue. Family members or carers can track the fall detection watch wearer's location at any time using the "CPR monitoring" mobile application.
  • The SOS watch button allows the wearer to call 5 preset contacts using the built-in mobile phone.
  • CPR Guardian fall alert watch monitors the wearer's heart rate every 10 minutes and sends this data directly to the CPR Monitoring APP.
  • The personal alarm watch can be worn in the shower, with a higher risk of falling.
  • CPR Guardian personal alarm lasts up to 48 hours and provides low-battery notifications to both the wearer and APP users.
  • The embedded CPR Chameleon SIM card provides unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU by accessing all major mobile networks.
  • Family and Carers can monitor the location and well-being of the personal alarm wearer remotely by using the CPR Guardian mobile APP for Android and Apple / iOS.

How Does it Work? 

The Red SOS button enables the user to call five pre-set contacts from any location and instantly notify them using the mobile phone's functionality. This feature notifies emergency contacts via SMS and app notifications, followed by voice calls until an answer is received.

The watch will quickly send the caregiver's smartphone app its GPS location. In times of need, one can always rely on family and friends.

2. One Call Alert

One Call Alert offers a complete personal alarm system and a fall detection necklace. The round-the-clock support staff within seconds responds to emergency alarms, and emergency responders, family members, and friends leave very quickly.

3. Medical Guardian

10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

Medical Guardian developed Mobile 2.0, an advanced medical alert system for use at home. For the most robust signal ever, this home system uses a 4G cellular connection rather than a landline. This system includes a base unit, a bracelet, and a necklace.

4. Taking Care

Taking Care offers a variety of alarm options for use at home, in the garden, or while travelling, including fall sensors and GPS personal alarms. An older person can wear the pendant around the neck or wrist. It has a single, enormous button for calling for assistance in an emergency and is battery-free.

5. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical offers a range of alarm systems, including in-home systems, mobile systems with a variety of features, and bundle packages. A speaker with a 32-hour backup battery is a two-way communication feature of the essential home security system. Even better, you can take the home entertainment system on vacation because it is easily portable.

The company also offers an in-car alarm system, a GPS assistance button, and an SOS wristwatch. Regardless of location, the assistance button allows access to a medical alert provider and includes automated fall detection.

The stylish, slim wristwatch uses a 4G cellular network to connect you to assistance, and the in-car device automatically uses its collision detection and positioning capabilities.

6. Telecare

10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

Lifeline from Telecare24 is cosy, portable, and simple to use, with assistance available at the touch of a button. The fall alarm plan instructs the device to detect a fall and immediately call for help. In a moment, a care team member will contact the user to evaluate the situation. If it is found that the wearer requires assistance, family, friends, carers, or the police will be informed.

7. SureSafe

SureSafeGO, the company's flagship product, aims to be the most comprehensive alarm currently on the market. This is one of the best personal alarms for the elderly because it has a full alarm.

Additionally, it has mobile technology that enables the fall alarm to be used outside the home, fall detection, and the option to communicate with the alarm responder via the pendant rather than the base unit.

8. Age UK

10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

The alarm pendant from Age UK can be worn on the wrist or around the neck and is designed to give users a sense of independence within their homes. Wearers can use the pendant's button to make an emergency call to the 24-hour Emergency Response Centre in case of an accident at home.

If something happens to a loved one and they press the alarm button, their friends and family will be informed, giving them peace of mind.

9. LifeLine

Instead of using a traditional landline, Lifeline24 GO GPS is a mobile-based lifeline system. Simply push and hold the front and back buttons on the GO GPS device simultaneously if the user falls, gets lost, or requires assistance in any other way. It can be fastened to a set of keys, hung around the neck, or attached to a belt.

10. Yepzon

10 Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly in 2023

Carers can use a free smartphone app to keep tabs on the owner of the Yepzon Freedom Personal Safety Alarm. Multiple smartphones may monitor the device, and each will be notified when the alarm button is pressed. The software will allow people nearby to see the person's precise location and respond.

The safety alarm's battery typically lasts for several weeks. The pendant is small, has a simple attachment system, and is water and shock-resistant.


Senior family members can stay safe and independent in their homes by using the best personal alarms for the elderly. These will reassure family members that they can get emergency assistance right away.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help selecting a personal alarm for the elderly.

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