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FAQS for the watch

Charge the watch
Turn on/off
Pair the device with the CPR Guardian app
Add contacts to the Phonebook
Make an emergency SOS call
Make phone calls
Measure heart rate
Send a voice message
Go back to main menu
Change the brightness of the screen
Change the clock face on the watch screen
What should I do if scanning the QR code doesn't work?

FAQS for the app

Register a new account
Add a new device
Locate the watch
Add/remove contacts from phonebook
Make phone call to the wearer
Send a voice message to the wearer
Measure the heart rate of the wearer
Device access request
Transfer the administrator rights to another member
Remove a family member
Find the device
Turn on real-time tracking
Set the alarm clock
Add a second device to the app
Switch device
What should I do if Google Maps is not working on the Android devices?

FAQS for the Sim Portal

What is CPR Chameleon?
Log in to my account
What is included in the Pay Monthly plan?
Subscribe Pay Monthly Plan
Change my account details
Change my password
Where can I find SIM terms and conditions?
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