Opting In and Opting Out

CPR Guardian may use check boxes (or comparable means) to confirm your consent to receive special offers and/or other information from CPR Guardian and other third-party partners of CPR Guardian. By checking such boxes or leaving a box checked, you are choosing to receive commercial communications from CPR Guardian and third-party partners of CPR Guardian, and you will be consenting to CPR Guardian providing your Personal Information to those third parties, and you may receive information and offers from CPR Guardian and third-party partners of CPR Guardian by e-mail or other means.

You may opt out of receiving future commercial communications from CPR Guardian or third parties either (i) by following the instructions located at the bottom of an e-mail, (ii) by sending a request to us by email to support@cprguardian.com, (iii) by completing the below form. Please note that opting out using these means will not affect your previous consent to receive communications from CPR Guardian’s third-party partners or to have your Personal Information disclosed to a third party for the purpose of displaying your Personal Information on their websites.

CPR Guardian cannot control the actions of its third-party partners, which operate independently of CPR Guardian and CPR Global Tech.

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