How To Keep Active This Winter

How To Keep Active This Winter

How to Keep Active This Winter

It’s important to stay active all year round, but, as the weather gets colder and more treacherous through winter the thought of exercise can become daunting for some. Despite this, the negative impacts of becoming inactive can be significant, often reducing physical and mental wellbeing. 

Here are our tips on how to keep active and stay safe this winter.  

Make sure you’re kitted out properly 

Walking in cold weather without the appropriate clothing can be dangerous, so making sure you’re wearing a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves is all imperative before you get exercising. A sensible pair of shoes with good grip are also necessary to prevent falls 

If possible, take a friend 

Walking with someone adds a sociable aspect to your exercise which can often be overlooked during the winter months. If you can’t find a friend willing to join, ask a neighbour or look for appropriate classes in your area. Walking groups or water aerobics classes may be the perfect solution.  

Don’t be put off  

Even if the weather is too bad to venture out, you can keep active at homeBasic yoga DVDs are a great way to maintain strength. If that seems too strenuous some step-up exercises or a simple walk around the house is enough to stretch your muscles. All exercise is beneficial regardless of how you achieve it.  

Remember your mental wellbeing 

Exercise isn’t simply about keeping your body flexible but maintaining your mental capability too. Jigsaw puzzles and games like Sudoku keep your mind active, although engaging in any enjoyable hobby is just as beneficial.   

For peace of mind over your loved one whilst they embark on winter activities there’s the Guardian 2 Smartwatch. 

Some of the key features of the Guardian II include:

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GPS tracking – The Guardian II uses GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi connections to continuously update others of the user’s location.

Heart Rate Monitor – Track users heart rate to check for irregularities.

Geo Zones – Alerts can be sent to an app every time someone enters or leaves a set geo zone.

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