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How Wearable Technology Has Progressed for People with Dementia

How Wearable Technology Has Progressed for People with Dementia

Fifteen years ago, none of us knew how many steps we had walked at the end of the day, and none of us had even thought about being able to call someone using our watch and not our phone. Times have changed, and now everybody is wearing some sort of technology.


Not only for the younger generation, or people that love the latest gadgets, wearable technology has the ability to revolutionise the healthcare industry and help us all as we grow older. For those diagnosed with dementia, new technology has the ability to help them maintain their independence safely and improve their quality of life.


For many families and carers of people with dementia, a major concern is that their loved one will lose their independence, go missing, or have an accident. In the past, you’d often find that the only reasonable solution was a pendant or bracelet with an SOS button to be pressed should the wearer need assistance. Often bulky, these early assistive technologies were easily identified and contributed to the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the elderly and dementia.


Fast-forward to 2019 and wearable technology could not be more different. Smart watches are popular across all age groups, and devices like CPR Guardian Watch have numerous different features that can improve people’s wellbeing in a smart, discreet accessory. The Guardian Watch has many helpful features, including an SOS button, GPS tracking technology, heart rate monitor, two-way phone calls, and a battery life of 48 hours. The accompanying app can be downloaded to a number of different devices, which will receive alerts from the data collected by the watch. Best of all, the watch itself is stylish and compact, and recognisable only as a smart watch.


If you’re looking for something that can help you look after a loved one without taking away their independence and isolating then, then the CPR Guardian App and Watch may be right for you. Take a look at our video here to see how it works

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