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On the main screen press 'NEW USER'. You can register with a phone number.

If you already have a CPR Guardian app account, just login and press 'ADD DEVICE', and choose:

Add using QR code scanner:

Add using IMEI number:

Press the 'Location' button on the home screen.

Go to 'MORE' and press 'ADD CONTACT', there you can manage your contacts.

Press the 'CALL' button on the home screen.

Go to 'VOICE CHAT', then press and hold the 'HOLD TO TALK' button on the bottom.

Go to 'NOTICE' and then to 'REQUEST'. You can see here the requests to accept.

Go to 'FAMILY LIST', press and hold 2 second on the members you want to transfer administrator to, and press 'TRANSFER ADMINISTRATOR' button.

Go to 'FAMILY LIST', press and hold on members for 2 seconds which you want to remove, and press 'REMOVE' button.

Go to 'MORE' and press 'FIND DEVICE'. The watch will start ringing.

Go to 'MORE' and press 'REAL TIME TRACKING'

Go to 'MORE' and press 'SET ALARM CLOCK'

Go to 'SWITCH DEVICE' and press '+' button on the bottom.

Go to 'SWITCH DEVICE' which you can find on the top right corner and choose the watch.

From the main setting menu, tap "APPS" or "APPS AND NOTIFICATIONS".
Once you're inside, scroll down until you come across Google Play Services.
Then tap "STORAGE". Here, you need to clear the app's cache, which you can do by tapping "CLEAR CACHE".
Then you've got to tap "MANAGE SPACE".
The last step involves you purging all data from Google Play Services, which is done by tapping "CLEAR ALL DATA".

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