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Medical alert system gives peace of mind


The CPR Guardian monitors the wearer’s heart beat every 10 minutes and, critically, when the wearer’s heart rate drops below 30 beats per minute, it automatically sends an alert to a mobile phone app to raise the alarm.


The app is typically set to raise the alarm on a family member or carer’s phone and is available for download on both Apple and Android phones. It can raise the alert on up to 30 different phones.


The CPR Guardian medical alert system is easy to set up, reliable and effective and is a cost-effective way of providing peace of mind for carers and families, as well as supporting independent living for people with dementia.


GPS tracker alerts you to wandering


Do you worry often about the whereabouts of a loved one? Then help is at hand.


The CPR Guardian has a built-in GPS tracker which allows you to establish safe zones for your loved one, which, when breached, raises the alarm by sending an alert to your mobile phone.


So, for example, if the wearer’s safe zone is their house and garden, the CPR Guardian can be set to issue an alert via a mobile phone app to raise the alarm when the wearer strays beyond the boundary of the property.


Designed to support independent living for those living with dementia, the GPS Tracker also gives peace of mind to carers and family and allows them to get on with their lives knowing that if the wearer wanders, then they will be alerted.


The CPR app is available for download on both Apple and Android and can be set to raise the alert on up to a number of different devices.


Two-way phone call feature offers reassurance


Wearers can also use this feature of the CPR Guardian to keep in touch with family and carers day to day. And as they wear the CPR Guardian on their wrists, they never need worry about having misplaced their phone.


The CPR Guardian offers calling between 30 number of devices, with no need to worry about costly call charges.