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Your Personal Guardian Watch

Introducing the CPR Guardian III - Your Companion

Are you worried about the well-being of your elderly parent, especially when they're on their own?
Envision a world where you can safeguard their safety and support their self-independence, despite the distance between you.
This is the reality made possible by the CPR Guardian, tailored for those with a tendency to fall or experiencing early stage dementia.

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Why Choose CPR Guardian?

Innovative Fall Detection: Instant alerts for quick response in emergencies.
SOS Personal Alarm: Immediate assistance is just a button away.
Precise Location Tracking: Stay connected, no matter where they are.
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More than a Watch, It's a Lifeline Our latest technology is not just a device; it's giving you and your loved ones the confidence to enjoy every moment without worry.

Technology That Connects In line with our belief that "Technology is best when it brings people together," the CPR Guardian does more than monitor; it connects families, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

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Queen's Award Winning
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What our customers say

We build products that make people and their families feel confident & safe. All by better connecting them to the world.
Here are some of the reviews recently given about our product.

Mrs. Cowles


A real lifesaver.
My mother is in her mid-90s and lives alone with her two Shih Tzu’s. She is very independent and manages most things for herself. I go in daily to check she is ok, walk her dogs and get any shopping she may want. Late one night in January, she got up to let one of the dogs out. It was pouring rain and after opening the door fell over and broke her hip! She was able to call me from her watch and we called an ambulance to attend. We were able to reassure her whilst driving to her house. Without the ability to call, she would certainly not have survived lying on the conservatory floor for probably about 8 hours with the door open and rain coming in. On another occasion she had an intruder break into her house in the early hours. They fled when the security lights came on and the dogs barked, but again she was able to call for help and reassurance. This year she suffered a mild heart attack and again we were able to call the ambulance without delay. We upgraded to the Fall Detect watch and although this occasionally gives a false alarm it has been invaluable. We have installed cameras in her bungalow and are able to check she is ok before making a call. I cannot praise CPR Guardian enough and would recommend the watch to anyone with an elderly or vulnerable loved one. It offers complete peace of mind to the wearer and the family.



I bought this for my elderly mother as she was starting to worry about falling and no one being around to known. One day I had just arrived at friend when the watch called me. Mum had fallen and couldn't get up. I managed to get there whilst calling an ambulance on the way and she was taken to the hospital. It had been a serious fall and if it had not contacted me she would not have got to hospital without further complications. To me it is worth its weight in gold.

Diane Bell


The watch is enabling my husband to live a fuller and more independent life, whilst giving family peace of mind. The GPS, the easy to use phone and the fall detector are great. The heart rate monitor recently saved valuable time by being able to share the data with the doctor. The temperature again gives reassuring data. My husband goes for independent walks knowing family have peace of mind and know his location.

Healys Co Kerry


Last week she felt a seizure coming on and was able to press the SOS button. The watch called my son who alerted my wife (who was in the garden and not by her phone). It is fantastic to know she has time to press the SOS button and alert us. It's also great that the watch will keep dialling her contacts until someone answers. The watch has paid for itself already. As regards the watch it's very discreet for a teenager. We found CPR to be most helpful with regards any queries we had. Excellent service . Highly recommend them.

Adam C Donnison


My 86 year old Mum had a CPR wristwatch and it probably saved her life. In the early hours she suffered a stroke, couldn’t move off the floor but was able to press the alarm button to alert me. We couldn’t recommend the product and service highly enough

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