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Standalone Personal Alarm Watch with Monitoring APP

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CPR Guardian for Seniors

CPR Guardian 3 Personal Alarm Watch with Fall Detection, GPS Tracking and Emergency SOS Button

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  • The pre-installed CPR Chameleon SIM provides unparalleled coverage by accessing all major UK and EU networks ensuring you have signal when it is needed the most.
  • Plus giving family and friends the wearer's GPS location, Heart rate, Body Temperature, and pedometer data from anywhere by using our innovative mobile app.
  • The CPR Guardian 3 easy to use personal alarm fall detection watch allows the wearer to alert family and friends in the case of an emergency.

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Keeping connected has never been so easy

The CPR Guardian is an easy to use standalone mobile phone watch with intergrated sim card. Family and Relatives can monitor the location and wellbeing of the wearer remotely by using the CPR Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. If a check in call is needed carers can also voice call the watch and speak to the wearer.

  • Set geo safety zones.

    Safety Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like home or the park. Receive APP alerts every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.
  • GPS Location Tracking

    Wondering off Is no longer an issue, family members or carer’s can track the location of the wearer at any time using the “CPR monitoring” mobile application.
  • Two-way SOS calls

    SOS button allows the wearer to immediately loudspeaker call 5 preset contacts using the built in mobile phone.
  • Heart rate monitor

    Guardian monitors the wearer heart rate every 10 minutes and sends this data directly to the CPR Monitoring APP.
  • Waterproof

    The personal alarm watch can be worn in the shower where the risk of having a fall is greater.
  • 48-hour battery charge

    Guardian features a working time of up to 48 hours and provides low battery notifications to both the wearer and APP users.
  • Includes multi-network SIM

    The embedded CPR Chameleon SIM card provide unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU by accessing all major mobile networks
  • Easy to use mobile APP

    Family and Carers can monitor the location and wellbeing of the wearer remotely by using the CPR Guardian mobile APP for Android and Apple / iOS.
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  • The Guardian 3 movement sensor constantly monitors changes in the movement of the wearer.

  • If a fall is detected Guardian will ask the wearer if they are OK, If they respond NO or do not respond Guardian 3 will alert up to 5 pre-set emergency contacts via SMS and APP notification then voice calls until answered

  • The watch will send its GPS location directly to the carers smartphone APP.

  • Family & friends can always be there in case of a fall emergency.

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  • Outdoor GPS Location Tracking with Location Alerts

    Personal GPS location tracker with alerts when the wearer leaves a certain outside location or area.

  • SOS Alarm with two-way calling

    The SOS button allows the wearer to call a relative, carer or telecare service without the need of a mobile phone.

  • Heart Rate Monitor & Health Alerts

    Monitor the wearer’s heart rate remotely.

  • The Red SOS button allows the wearer to immediately notify & voice call 5 preset contacts from anywhere by using the mobile phone function.

  • This alerts 5 pre-set emergency contacts via SMS and APP notification then voice calls until answered.

  • The watch will send its GPS location directly to the carers smartphone APP.

  • Family & friends can always be there in case of an emergency

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Why choose the CPR Guardian?

CPR Guardian (CPR Global Tech Ltd) has been designing and manufacturing telecoms product for more than 10 years. Since 2010 we have helped over 1,000,000 people stay safe inside and outside of their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK, USA, and the rest of the world.

Unlike other providers, we run our own mobile SIM network (CPR Chameleon) which provides unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU by accessing all major mobile networks. When the signal from one operator is low or lost, CPR Chameleon will automatically connect to another available operator, ensuring you always have a good connection wherever you are. Running our own mobile network also allows us to diagnose problems and provide solutions in a fraction of the time.

CPR’s technical support team are on hand via phone, live chat, or email to assist with any issues or questions you may have.

Our data and applications are processed and stored securely on GDPR compliant Amazon AWS servers hosted in London, UK. We conduct regular security penetration tests on our applications and databases to further ensure your data is always secure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Elaine Avison
Easy to use

Excellent product. Effective and gives all round reassurance

Sheena Counsell
First class. Reassuring in the event of a fall

Worth every penny. 100 percent reliable, have used it for the past year, due to this my levels of confidence have increased, I wouldnt be without it. After service and advice on its use is first class.

Diane Bell
Enabling a more independent life

The watch is enabling my husband to live a fuller and more independent life, whilst giving family peace of mind. The GPS, the easy to use phone and the fall detector are great. The heart monitor recently saved valuable time by being able to share data with the doctor. The temperature gives reassuring data. My husband goes for independent walks knowing family have peace of mind and know his location.

Jacky Cowles
Life saver

My mother is in her mid-90s and lives alone with her two Shih Tzus. She is very independent and manages most things for herself. I go in daily to check she is ok, walk her dogs and get any shopping she may want.Late one night in January 2021 she got up to let one of the dogs out. It was pouring with rain and after opening the door fell over and broke her hip! She was able to call me from her watch and we called an ambulance to attend. We were able to reassure her whilst driving to her house.Without the ability to call, she would certainly not have survived lying on the conservatory floor for probably about 8 hours with the door open and rain coming in.On another occasion she had an intruder break into her house in the early hours. They fled when the security lights came on and the dogs barked, but again she was able to call for help and reassurance.This year she suffered a mild heart attack and again we were able to call the ambulance without delay.We upgraded to the Fall Detect watch and although this occasionally gives a false alarm it has been invaluable. We have installed cameras in her bungalow and are able to check she is ok before making a call.I cannot praise CRP Guardian enough and would recommend the watch to anyone with an elderly or vulnerable relation. It offers complete piece of mind to the wearer and the family.

Mr Thomas A Davis
Give peace of mind

My daughter has seizures and the full alarm is all important which works well, plus the GPS location function is good. Given my daughter some independence back

Amazon Customer
Amazing product would highly recommend

We love everything about the guardian III watch . Very easy to use All the features are great ie Tracker, fall detection, heart monitor, tempreture. Can be worn in shower which is brilliant. CPR staff are very helpful best thing I have bought in a very long time gives my husband his independence love it 5 star

Puts your mind at ease

Easy to set up and use

Mrs Paula Pettit
Good service

First watch was not working but on contacting company they soon replaced.

Great for peace of mind

Customer service is great. Special shout out to Daisy for resolving the problems I had great customer service from her.My mom couldnt be without the watch. Allows her to be independent with families peace of mind shes ok

Ian H
Reassuring to now own

After falling and suffering cracked ribs that left me unable to move I purchased this product. As an MS patient with balance problems I suddenly realised that if I have a serious fall again and nobody is aware of my situation then I'm in real trouble. At least now I have some peace of mind knowing that this mobile phone/GPS watch combination with fall sensor should detect if I fall and alert help if necessary.The watch is waterproof so can be worn in the shower when many slip/fall indecents occur, speaking from experience I can attest that Armitage Shanks finest porcelain isn't soft and fluffy!Did I forget to mention that it's also a network roaming mobile.Only thing that I'm a bit disappointed with is the GPS accuracy which so far is only accurate to approx. 100yds, close enough for a nuclear warhead, but not enough for a single body!