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CPR Guardian III
Dementia/Alzhiemer Tracker & Fall Detection Watch

Ultimate peace of mind for you and your loved one
Give your loved one freedom and independence with the CPR Guardian Dementia/Alzhiemer tracker watch. World-class GPS tracking for dementia enables family and relatives to view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely through the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS.

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  • guardian 1 x CPR Guardian III Fall Detection Watch
  • guardian 1 x CPR Chameleon UK/EU multi-network sim (pre-installed)
  • guardian Family can monitor the watch anywhere by using our innovative mobile APP
  • guardian Includes enhanced live technical support
  • guardian Fully secure GDPR compliant UK servers
  • guardian 2018/2020 Queens award winner
  • * An active Subscription Service Plan is needed for the Guardian to work
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  • 1 x CPR CPR Guardian 3 Dementia Tracker Watch
  • 1 x CPR Chameleon UK/EU Roaming sim (pre-installed)
  • Family can monitor the watch anywhere by using our innovative mobile APP
  • Includes enhanced live technical support
  • Fully secure GDPR compliant UK servers
  • 2018/2020 Queens award winner
  • The CPR Guardian 3 easy to use personal alarm fall detection watch allows the wearer to alert family and friends in the case of an emergency.
  • Plus giving family and friends the wearer's GPS location, Heart rate, Body Temperature, and pedometer data from anywhere by using our innovative mobile app.
  • The pre-installed CPR Chameleon SIM provides unparalleled coverage by accessing all major UK and EU networks ensuring you have signal when it is needed the most.

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More than 70% of people with dementia will experience at least one fall each year. As people with dementia age, they often experience changes in balance and coordination.

Three main factors can contribute to falling:

  • • Impaired vision or hearing
  • • A weakened, rigid, or awkward stance
  • • An unsteady gait

Falls are the leading cause of injuries and deaths for people with dementia. When not appropriately treated, falls could lead to even more complications.

People with dementia are most likely to fall at times when their caregivers watch them less closely. Through the CPR Guardian dementia tracker watch, carers can now monitor their loved ones no matter where they are.

  • The person monitoring the wearer can set geo safety zones

    Create Safety Zones — a virtual radius around a location, like a home or a park. Receive APP alerts from the dementia-tracking watch every time its wearer enters or leaves an area you have designated as a Geo Zone.
  • GPS Tracking for Dementia

    Family members or carers can use the "CPR monitoring" mobile application to track the wearer's location at any time.
  • Two-way SOS calls

    The SOS watch button allows the wearer to call 5 pre-set emergency numbers by touching a single button.
  • The person monitoring the wearer can view Heart Rate

    The CPR Guardian tracker for dementia patients monitors the wearer's heart rate every 10 minutes and transmits this data to an app on a caregiver's phone.
  • Waterproof

    The watch for dementia patients can be worn in the shower, where there is a greater risk of falls. The device for dementia patients is waterproof, so it can be worn even when bathing.
  • 48-hour battery charge

    The CPR Guardian dementia tracking device lasts up to 48 hours on a single charge, alerting both the wearer and APP users when it requires recharging.
  • Includes multi-network SIM

    The embedded CPR Chameleon SIM card allows you to stay connected at all times, no matter where your adventure takes you.
  • The person monitoring the wearer has an easy to use mobile App

    Family members and other carers can use the CPR Guardian mobile APP to monitor a person's location or check their well-being.
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  • The Guardian III movement sensor has been designed to monitor changes in the dementia watch wearer's movements, alerting caregivers when a fall is imminent.
  • If the watch detects a fall, it will ask if the wearer is OK. If the response is "NO" or nothing at all, CPR III will alert up to 5 pre-set emergency contacts via SMS and APP notification—then call those contacts until one answers.
  • The dementia tracker watch will send GPS location directly to the carer's smartphone APP, allowing for live monitoring of a person's physical movements.
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  • Outdoor GPS Tracking for Dementia with Location Alerts

    A GPS tracker that automatically alerts caregivers if the wearer leaves a designated "safety zone."
  • SOS Alarm with two-way calling

    The SOS watch button allows the wearer to make a distress call without a mobile phone.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Health Alerts

    Monitor the wearer's heart rate with a wireless transmitter.
  • The Red SOS watch button can contact 5 pre-set contacts from anywhere using the mobile phone function.
  • It alerts five pre-set emergency contacts by SMS and APP notification, then calls each in turn until the alert is acknowledged.
  • The tracker watch for dementia sends its GPS location directly to the caregiver's smartphone app.
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Why choose the CPR Guardian?

CPR Guardian (CPR Global Tech Ltd) has been designing and manufacturing telecom products for over 10 years. Since 2010, we have helped over 1,000,000 people stay safe inside and outside their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK, USA, and the rest of the world.

Unlike other dementia tracker and fall detection watch providers, we run our own mobile SIM network (CPR Chameleon), which provides unrivalled connectivity across the UK and the EU by accessing all major mobile networks. When the signal from one operator is low or lost, CPR Chameleon will automatically connect to another available operator, ensuring you always have a good connection wherever you are. Running our mobile network also allows us to diagnose problems and provide solutions in a fraction of the time.

CPR’s technical support team are on hand via phone, live chat, or email to assist with any issues or questions you may have.

Our data and applications are processed and stored securely on GDPR-compliant Amazon AWS servers hosted in London, UK. We conduct regular security penetration tests on our applications and databases to ensure your data is always secure.

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