10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

Looking for hobbies and activities for dementia patients? Here is a list of the best hobbies that can help keep them entertained.

For older people with Alzheimer's or dementia, routine tasks can become too challenging. They still desire success, though, just like the rest of us. Because they will always be successful, failure-free activities for people with dementia are crucial.

Being happily engaged in a satisfying activity reduces agitation, anxiety, depression, and anger. It may even reduce challenging behaviours like sundowning or lessen the need for medication.

Each person is different, so it might take experimenting or creative thinking to find activities that appeal to them.

To help your older adult feel productive and successful, we’ve got 10 simple activity ideas that have no right or wrong way to do them. Plus, they’re free or deficient cost.

1. Folding Towels: Low-Cost Activities for Dementia

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

To keep older people occupied, give them a task they can feel successful at, and give them a sense of contribution to the home, ask them to help you fold laundry. Simply keeping them happily engaged is the objective.

Hand towels work best because they are compact and straightforward to fold. The important thing is that your senior feel satisfied with the activity, regardless of how neatly or sloppily the towels are folded.

2. Creating a Memory Box

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

A memory or rummage box can give your senior citizen a sense of continuity with their previous occupation and interests. Get a box of any kind and put items they would have used at work, copies of their photos, unimportant keepsakes, or items from their hobbies inside.

Create a box, for instance, that serves as a reminder of the former office worker's career for them. Include paper clips, pencils, erasers, paper, junk mail, a calculator, file folders, notepads, etc.

If the person used to be handy around the house, including twine, nuts, bolts, pieces of and fittings for PVC pipe, a part of the wood (free of splinters), and fine grit sandpaper in their box. Measuring spoons, a whisk, a spatula, and other related items might be enjoyed by someone who enjoys baking or cooking. Any job or hobby can use this; just use your creativity to identify materials that are secure enough to handle.

3. Untying Knots Can Be Fun

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

Locate or purchase a length of rope with a medium thickness at the neighbourhood hardware store. Ask your older adult to assist you in untying a few loose knots that you have tied.

4. Thread Pasta with Yarn

Grab some thick yarn or regular string and some dried pasta with large holes. Tape the string's end so that it is longer than the pasta piece to create a "needle." Use their "needle" and "thread" to string the pasta.

5. Create a Box of Fun Fabrics

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

Everyone will find this enjoyable, but those who used to enjoy fabric crafts or sewing enjoy it. Get a box, and fill it with numerous pieces of various fabrics. Try to purchase items with multiple hues and textures, such as lace, felt, silk, velvet, wool, cotton, etc. Your senior can take pleasure in handling, folding, and organising the fabrics.

6. DIY Picture Puzzles

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

Make a printout of your older adult's favourite family photo or scenic location. You might also print out a picture or image they like, such as a car, some fruit with bright colours, etc. To create a unique DIY puzzle, laminate the photo and cut it into four or more pieces that resemble puzzle pieces.

7. Cutting Pictures from Old Magazines is Also Fun

The act of cutting out their favourite images from vintage magazines or calendars may be enjoyed by older people. It is best to use magazines that are representative of their interests or hobbies. The images could also be pasted into a notebook to make a fun "scrapbook" for those who would enjoy it.

8. More Puzzles—A Puzzle Cube

10 Best Hobbies & Activities for Dementia Patients

Older adults who like to fidget with objects may find a lot of stress-free enjoyment in this colourful puzzle cube. It resembles a simplified Rubik's cube in appearance. Simply having fun while rotating the cube pieces and applying various colour combinations to each face is the goal of this game. Those who can like to change the faces back to one colour after mixing the colours.

9. Fun Playing Cards

For older people, playing cards are a great activity, especially if the letters and numbers are big and easy to read. Simple card games like solitaire, fish, blackjack, or war may appeal to someone with early dementia.

Senior adults in their later years may find it enjoyable to simply shuffle the cards or arrange them according to colour or suit. Pay attention to how much fun they are having. Remove some of the cards, so they don't have to manage as many if they seem stressed out or overloaded.

10. Pattern Blocks are Good Activities for Dementia Patients

There are numerous applications for these fun shapes. Seniors can make colourful pictures, free-form shapes, or trace the shapes on paper using the included boards.


Simple tasks can become too complex for older people with Alzheimer's or dementia. Still, they want to be successful just like the rest of us.

Failure-free activities for people with dementia are essential because they can never go wrong. Since everyone is different, it may take some trial and error or creative thinking to find activities that interest them.

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