10 Top Charities for Older People in the UK

10 Top Charities for Older People in the UK

Looking for top charities in the UK to help older people? Here is a list of top charities that can give assistance and help to older people.

We develop, learn, struggle, and, hopefully, succeed with each decade of life. Chances are that we are resilient by the time we reach old age. But not so challenging that we never require assistance.

Older people don't just have to rely on the neighbourhood council or the NHS for health and care services. Thanks to the support services that charities also provide, there are more options and choices available. Locally, there is a wealth of assistance available to raise older people's quality of life, including independent local charities and large national charities with regional affiliates.

Below are a few top charities for older people.

1. Age UK: One of the Top Charities for Older People

Age UK operates specialised regional services in the Sussex region as the largest charity for older people in the UK. Age UK West Sussex, Age UK Brighton & Hove, and Age UK East Sussex are Age UK brand partners but stand alone as independent charities. They offer localised services that aim to improve the quality of life for senior citizens.

10 Charities for Older People in the UK

In addition to advice and counselling, they also support people recently returning from the hospital. There are also day clubs, a community navigator, scam prevention services, and help at home options. 

Confidential advice is also available on a wide range of topics, including home care assistance after a hospital stay and helping with household chores. Use their postcode search engine to learn about Age UK-run services and events in your area.

2. Admiral Nurses

Admiral Nurses are specialised dementia nurses who support families in living more positively with dementia. The charity Dementia UK operates Admiral Nurses. Teams of Admiral Nurses work to empower people with the condition in the community, clinics, hospices, and care facilities. 

Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. With permission from their caregiver, they may be referred to the service through their GP. You can learn more about your neighbourhood Admiral Nurse Teams on their website.

Admiral Nurses have a national helpline in addition to local specialised care. You can get advice from an Admiral Nurse by calling or emailing them if you have a question about dementia.

3. Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer's Society is a nonprofit organisation that assists people with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Additionally, they engage in medical research to improve dementia care and discover a cure.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the charity offers 3,000 local support services to help people with dementia and those who care for them. You can use their straightforward search tool to find services in your neighbourhood.

Nationally, the Alzheimer's Society also provides support and guidance online, including through the Talking Point forum and the helpline 0300 222 1122.

10 Charities for Older People in the UK

4. Stroke Association

The Stroke Association provides invaluable services to stroke survivors in the UK. The fourth leading cause of death in the UK is stroke. The likelihood of recovering from a stroke has increased over the past 20 years.

The Stroke Association researches novel therapies and offers support services to assist stroke victims in reclaiming their lives. For patients leaving the hospital, they provide specialised medical support. Peer support groups and emotional support services are available for people with aphasia.

5. Brighton & Hove Impetus

Improving the standard of living for vulnerable adults in Brighton and Hove is the mission of the independent charity Brighton and Hove Impetus. They assist service users in making wise decisions that will enhance their well-being.

10 Charities for Older People in the UK

6. Time to Talk Befriending

Time to Talk Befriending was established to lessen senior citizens' feelings of isolation. They provide befriending services for senior citizens who may not have many family members or friends to keep them company.

The organisation's intergenerational team of volunteers partners with seniors they see once a week or every two weeks. The program aims to lessen social isolation by fostering close relationships between volunteers and service users.

7. Action For Elder Abuse

This specialised organisation works to reduce elder abuse in Sussex and throughout the UK. Action For Elder Abuse is the only organisation that focuses solely on this issue, giving them unmatched expertise in preventing elder abuse and neglect at home, in sheltered housing, care facilities, hospitals, and other settings.

10 Charities for Older People in the UK

Action For Elder Abuse offers guidance and resources that support efforts to combat and prevent elder abuse and change the situation for victims. The organisation collaborates with care providers, local and federal governments, regulators, third sector groups, and other organisations to protect older people.

If you have any worries or suspicions about the security of a loved one, you can call their helpline, and their Elder Abuse Recovery Service can offer additional support.

8. Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

The non-profit Brighton & Hove Food Partnership works to improve the lives of all residents, including seniors, through food. They carry out several initiatives to improve life quality and combat Brighton food insecurity.

By operating community gardens and weight-management programs, they achieve this. Aside from other services, workshops and classes are also organised to promote cooking for fun. These services might be what your relative needs to maintain their social and physical well-being.

9. Cinnamon Trust

Only one specialised national charity, Cinnamon Trust, works to alleviate the worries, issues, and occasionally injustices that affect elderly and terminally ill people and their pets. By doing so, a great deal of human sadness and animal suffering is prevented.

10 Charities for Older People in the UK

Mrs Averil Jarvis established the Trust in 1985, and her perseverance and commitment have ensured that the apparent need is fully met.

Volunteers take in pets into their homes and provide them with lots of love and care until the owner and pet can be reunited as part of a national fostering program for animals whose owners are expected to spend time in the hospital.

The Cinnamon Trust also offers long-term care for animals whose owners have passed away or relocated to a residential facility that doesn't allow pets. Owners are at ease knowing that their cherished companion will live a safe and happy life because arrangements are made between owners and the Trust well in advance. On request, emergency cards are available.

10. Impact Initiatives

A local nonprofit organisation called Impact Initiatives assists people of all ages living in Sussex so they can lead fulfilling lives and feel a part of the community.

The charity operates cafes and senior centres that offer a variety of activities that support and enhance health and wellbeing, including specialised support for people with dementia. Additionally, they run befriending programs and offer one-on-one employment support for caregivers in West Sussex.


For health and care services, there are more options and choices available because charities offer support services to older people. There is a wealth of support available locally to improve the quality of life for older people, including top charities and sizable national nonprofits with regional affiliates.

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10 Charities for Older People in the UK

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