10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People

10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People

Looking for daily living aids to help older people? Here is a list of living aids that can give assistance and comfort to older people.

Your muscles, joints, and bones start to weaken as you get older and may not be as strong as they once were. While some tasks may seem nearly impossible, others may call for more effort. But getting older need not imply that things become more difficult.

Numerous tools for daily living are available to assist with all tasks, big and small. Daily living aids assist with all aspects of daily life, including sitting in a chair, using the restroom, showering, preparing food, eating, and taking medications.

These tools can add the necessary complexity to a difficult task, making it much easier overall and enhancing productivity and efficiency daily.

1. CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch is One of the Best Daily Living Aids for Older People

The CPR Guardian is an easy-to-use standalone mobile phone watch with an integrated SIM card. It’s a personal alarm that contacts family. They can view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely by using the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. Carers can call the fall detection watch just like a mobile phone.

The Red SOS button enables the user to voice call five pre-set contacts from any location and instantly notify them using the mobile phone's functionality. This feature notifies emergency contacts via SMS and app notifications, followed by voice calls until an answer is received.

The watch will quickly send the caregiver's smartphone app its GPS location. In times of need, one can always rely on family and friends.

2. Sock Living Aids

10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People - sock aid

The older people, who may have issues with joint flexibility or back pain, may find it difficult to complete simple daily tasks like getting dressed. Your loved ones can put on their socks and shoes with the help of some ingenious little gadgets without having to stoop too low and risk strain.

Sock aids are practical devices that let you slide your feet into the sock after attaching it to a frame, lowering it to the ground. Many strong and portable models on the market help you get dressed quickly and with less frustration.

3. Long-Handled Shoehorn

10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People- shoehorn

After your socks are on, putting on your shoes can be difficult. It is best to use a long-handled shoe horn for this. These shoe horns are sturdy and resilient, and new models are made of lightweight steel. Even removing your socks is a great use for some adaptable models.

4.  Step Stools as Living Aids

10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People - step stool

It can be difficult for seniors with mobility issues to enter and exit a bed or bathtub safely. A step stool is one of the daily living aids that need to be on your home safety checklist for seniors. The best mobility aids for them to use to move around safely on their own are step stools.

Your loved ones can enter and exit the bed independently thanks to a bedside safety step. Similar to this, one of the rooms in the house with the highest risk of falls in the bathroom. Falls can be prevented by installing a wide, non-slip bathtub step with grab bars.

5. Cane Seat

The older person will occasionally need to rest while moving around. Long periods of standing can be taxing on the body, especially for those with arthritis or joint pain. Your loved ones will need a seat to catch their breath even though they may enjoy running errands as part of independent living.

A cane chair is a compact, lightweight, and transportable walking aid with a retractable seat. This greatly simplifies and reduces the stress of trips to the grocery store or a stroll through the park.

6. Grabber Stick

10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People - grabber stick

The grabber stick is one of the items available for elderly people living alone. When it comes to reaching for objects, this handy little tool is amazingly versatile. Reaching up high or bending down to pick something up becomes more difficult as we age.

Your loved ones will feel more independent and be able to complete these tasks with ease if you give them a grabber stick. The handles on these sticks are retractable and adjustable.

7. Toothbrush Handle

A toothbrush handle is a practical item that enables your family members to hold their toothbrushes without experiencing the discomfort of arthritis or hand grip problems. It has a built-up, soft, ergonomic handle that makes it possible to securely grasp any narrow object. It can also be used to hold kitchen tools like cutlery.

8. Dressing Stick

With the help of a dressing stick, seniors with limited mobility can complete a variety of dressing tasks, including pulling up their underwear, putting on shorts, and pulling jackets over their shoulders. Your loved ones no longer need to be constrained by back or shoulder pain while they live independently.

9. Foot Cleaning Brush

10 Daily Living Aids to Help Older People - footbrush

When older people struggle to bend over and clean their feet due to stiff back muscles or hip mobility issues, a foot cleaning brush is the perfect at-home aid. They can finish the task without bending over or putting undue strain on their backs thanks to the long handle and ergonomic design.

10. Cushions

Long periods of sitting may put your back, spine, and muscles under undue tension and strain, which may increase with age. This may cause pain, discomfort, and potential harm if not accounted for. Cushions may be employed to give support for interior structures in this condition.


You might be unsure of what to buy because there are so many different elderly daily living aids available. Before making a purchase, it's best to determine your loved one's unique needs and capabilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in selecting a lifeline for the elderly.

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