10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier

How can you help a person with dementia? Here's a list of 10 incredibly simple and effective dementia products that enhance the quality of life.

Dementia is the impairment of cognitive abilities such as thinking, remembering, and reasoning to the point that they interfere with a person's everyday activities. A dementia diagnosis necessitates the discovery of novel, adaptive, and often ingenious solutions to support daily life.

We have compiled a list of 10 incredibly simple and effective dementia products that enhance the quality of life and help avoid triggering challenging behaviour.

1. CPR Guardian Fall Detection Watch is One of the Best Dementia Products

The CPR Guardian is an easy-to-use standalone mobile phone watch with an integrated SIM card. It’s a personal alarm that contacts family. They can view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely by using the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. Carers can call the fall detection watch just like a mobile phone.

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - fall detection watch

Here are some of its features:

  • A safety zone is a virtual sphere that surrounds a real-world location, like a house or a park. When a wearer enters or exits a Geo-Zone, the app will notify caregivers.
  • Family members or caregivers can always keep tabs on the user's whereabouts thanks to the smartphone app "CPR tracking."
  • Using the integrated mobile phone's loudspeakers, the user can make an urgent call to five pre-programmed contacts by pressing the SOS button.
  • CPR Guardian sends the wearer's heart rate to the CPR Monitoring APP once every ten minutes.
  • The fall detection watch can be worn while taking a shower when there is a higher risk of falling.
  • Guardian alerts the wearer and APP users when the battery is running low and has a maximum operational time of 48 hours.
  • The CPR Chameleon SIM card provides unmatched connectivity across the United Kingdom and European Union by connecting to all of the major mobile networks.
  • The user's whereabouts and health can be remotely observed by family members and caregivers using the CPR Guardian app for Android and Apple/iOS devices.

How Does it Work?

The Red SOS button allows the user to voice call up to five predefined contacts immediately from any location using the mobile phone's capabilities. Emergency contacts are notified by voice calls, SMS, and application notifications until they respond using this feature.

The watch will quickly broadcast its GPS location to the caregiver's smartphone app.

2. Dementia Jigsaw Puzzle

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - jigsaw puzzle

It's a traditional jigsaw puzzle that has been modified to be dementia-friendly by adding useful frames, visual memory prompts, and user-friendly piece sizes.

Jigsaw puzzles can be helpful in entertaining dementia sufferers and involving them in an interesting activity because they are both calming and engaging. Puzzles give caregivers for people with dementia a fun activity they can do together that everyone will enjoy.

3. Rail Carriage LCD Wall Feature

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - rail carriage backdrop

This wall backdrop features an LED screen to mimic the feel of an old-fashioned train ride.

Richard Ernest, the company's founder, received £100K in Dragons Den funding in 2013 after presenting RemPods' cutting-edge therapeutic products on the BBC programme.

His designs, including this interactive wall feature in a rail carriage, are all geared toward enhancing the quality of life for people with dementia. The replica framed window with an LCD screen and wallpaper backdrop of the wall decoration can be mounted on any empty wall to simulate the feel of an actual train carriage.

The screen simulates a train ride by playing hours of beautiful countryside footage, and the resulting "pop-up" environment is intended to calm and stimulate dementia sufferers.

4. 10-Inch Coloured Dinner Plate

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - coloured dinner plates

It can become difficult to get a patient to eat a balanced meal or even enough food. However, assistance might come from something as easy as switching their dinner plate.

According to a Boston University study from the previous year, patients who ate from plates that were brightly coloured but had no embedded patterns ate 25% more food than those who used white plates.

One of the main hypotheses for why this might be the case is that many dementia patients have vision and perception problems, which makes it difficult for them to properly recognise and distinguish food on white plates.

5. Light Therapy Box

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - light therapy

Dementia frequently manifests as sleep disturbances, ranging from increased daytime sleep to frequent nighttime awakenings.

Studies indicate that synchronising the body's circadian rhythms, which control sleep and enhance the quality of rest, maybe a benefit of morning light therapy (using a daylight spectrum light at least 1000lux brighter than natural light).

A light box is the simplest way to introduce light therapy. Users can benefit from it just by sitting next to it for the advised 30 minutes to 2 hours; this is something simple to incorporate into a daily routine while watching TV or eating breakfast.

6. One-Button Digital Radio

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - digital radio

Complex button layouts on gadgets can worry and frighten people with dementia and those who are confused by technology. The best way to eliminate worry is to keep things simple, and for radio enthusiasts, this cleverly designed digital radio with a stylish, long-lasting matt black finish is a worry-free choice.

7. Object Locator and Beeping Key Finder

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - key finder

When memory loss is mild but noticeable enough to be a source of considerable frustration in the early stages of dementia, misplacing items like keys, purses, glasses cases, and handbags is a common occurrence. A straightforward and inexpensive solution to this issue is a tracker.

By using Velcro or key rings to secure one of the five colour-coded beepers to items, the user can track their location by pressing the corresponding button on the device's remote control handset to sound an alarm.

 8. GPS Location Tracking Insoles

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - tracking insoles

Some people with dementia frequently "wander" or move around. This might look like trying to get to an inaccessible place or going to the nearby stores in the middle of the night. This raises concerns for safety that are obvious, such as traffic or running into the general public.

After developing dementia, procedural memory—which includes actions including using the kettle or, in this case, putting on a pair of shoes before leaving the house—is frequently retained. Therefore, there is a much higher likelihood that the user will bring the tracking device along.

9. Extra-Simple Mobile Phone

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - simple mobile phone

Using a mobile phone can be challenging, especially for people with dementia, as they become more sophisticated and complex. This ultra-simple, waterproof mobile phone has four tactile, clear buttons that are simple to see and use. It can only ring four contacts.

One of the Dementia products that may be crucial for communication in the early stages is a basic mobile phone. The device is unique in that it enables the user to be located by sending a text message and has an auto-answer feature with an extra-loud speaker in case the user forgets how to answer the phone (or if they have a phone on them).

10. Motion Activated Voice Player

10 Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier - voice player

Sometimes all we need is a gentle nudge in the right direction, and it's nicer when it comes from a familiar voice. You can record a message in your voice using this dementia product, and it will be played aloud whenever motion is detected. There is no requirement for a memory card, so you can delete and re-record this as often as you like.


The best dementia products enable people to stay safe and self-sufficient in their own homes. These will give family members peace of mind that they can get emergency assistance quickly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in selecting a lifeline for the elderly.

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