10 Exciting Christmas Activities for Seniors

10 Exciting Christmas Activities for Seniors

As a senior citizen, you've earned the right to have some fun in your golden years. One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is by getting together with friends and family and doing memorable activities. This article will provide ideas for 10 exciting things you can do with your loved ones over the holiday season—from making cookies to watching a movie marathon (or two).

1. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon.

If you have a group of seniors over 60, this is the perfect activity for them. The idea behind having a Christmas movie marathon is to watch as many different kinds of films as possible in one night. You can choose movies that everyone will enjoy and ensure they're appropriate for their audience.

You also want to ensure that you include variety in your lineup—if one person likes comedies, another person might prefer action films. If more than one type of film is shown throughout the evening, it'll be easier for everyone involved.

2. Create Your Holiday Garland

A garland is a festive way to deck your home for Christmas. You can make it from simple materials like twine, festively coloured ribbons and baubles, or even paper chains! The possibilities are endless—you can make a big one out of lights in your garden or small ones that hang from the ceiling.

3. Listen to Some Holiday Music

Listen to some holiday music. This can be as simple as listening to the radio, or you can pick up a podcast, download an album on your phone or tablet, or even listen on your computer. If you're feeling incredibly ambitious and want to get into the season's spirit, turn on your favourite Christmas station in the car (or listen through headphones while driving).

Listen while you walk around town. You don't need to go far! Don't forget about walking paths with lights—and if there aren't any nearby, consider picking up one of those batteries-in-a-can things advertised at gas stations and filling it with glow sticks for lights that last for hours at night instead!

4. Christmas Activities? Try Decorating

Consider decorating your home if you're looking for an exciting Christmas activity that's easy on the budget and won't require any special equipment. You can hang lights or garlands from the ceiling, put wreaths on doors and windows, or even string lights along the sides of rooms. Decorations are also great for expressing your love for this holiday season without spending too much money!

5. Make Christmas Cards

Making Christmas cards can be a great and creative way to spend time with older people. You can make Christmas cards in many ways, including making them yourself or buying them from stores. If you decide to make your own, plenty of websites offer instructions on how-to's for making traditional Christmas cards or even more advanced ones, such as gift tags and bookmarks using recycled materials like paper bags or wrapping paper.

The perfect thing about making holiday cards is that they will always remind people of the special season each year!

6. Decorating Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a great way to decorate your home and have fun with family and friends. You can make them at home, or you can purchase the ingredients for them at the store. They're easy to make, but it takes time to make them all. You might want something simple like chocolate chip or peanut butter or something more elaborate like gingerbread men or snowmen.

7. Host Friends and Family at Your Home (If Possible)

If you can host friends and family at your home, that's great! However, if not, ask someone if they can host a party. You don't want to make this an event where people are just sitting around watching TV while waiting for dinner—you want it to be fun!

If you cannot host any parties (or even if none), consider asking close friends/family members who live nearby if they would like some company during Christmas Eve dinner. This is also good for seniors with limited mobility or dexterity issues such as arthritis or Parkinson's disease.

8. Do Some Christmas Crafts

If you have the time and energy, it's a great idea to get into some crafting this holiday season. The first thing that comes to mind is making ornaments for your tree—but there are many other ways to use your creativity this year to create something truly unique and special. You could craft cards, wreaths, or even gingerbread houses!

The possibilities are endless here. If you plan on doing any of these projects with others (like making cards), then maybe think about how much space they will take up on the table. This ensures that everyone has enough space before starting their project together.

9. Tell Stories with Family and Friends

Story-telling is one of the best ways to connect with family and friends.

Share stories about your past. What was your favourite Christmas as a child? Do you remember what it was like for you to be home for the holidays with everyone, or did you go somewhere else? Tell these stories in a way that allows others to see how much they mean to you and how much they've meant throughout their lives.

Share stories about other people's pasts as well. If someone has had an exciting life, share some details about that experience. If it helps them feel more comfortable sharing their memories, then so much better!

10. Sing Christmas Songs at the Home

Singing is a great way to stay active, bond with family and friends, and express your feelings. It's also a great way to get in the holiday spirit!

If you have a relatively quiet home so everyone can hear each other clearly (or if it's just you singing), try singing Christmas carols or songs from your favourite artist. You could even choose some classical favourites.


I hope you have enjoyed these activities for seniors as much as I have. I know it is hard to wait until Christmas, but with these activities, you can keep busy and enjoy the season. You can also get some good exercise while doing them!

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