How to Combat Elderly Loneliness

Elderly Loneliness: How to Combat It

Is elderly loneliness harmful? How can it affect you and your loved one? In this blog, we'll share how you can combat elderly loneliness.

Elderly Loneliness in the UK

In the UK alone, there are over 2 million elderly experiencing elderly loneliness. Majority of them reported feeling ignored or invisible to the point that they have gone over a month without speaking to a relative, friend or even neighbour. This can have a detrimental effect not only on one’s mental welfare but also on physical health. It’s as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. 


As people age, they become more vulnerable to loneliness. It can be due to the death of a loved one, unemployment or reduced mobility. According to studies, loneliness in elderly people can lead to a series of health issues such as depression, impaired cognitive function, heightened vascular resistance, sleep issues, stress and mental health problems. 

Combat Elderly Loneliness

It can be worrisome to people with elderly parents to let them do their own thing but we have something that can help - CPR Guardian. 

Who uses the CPR Guardian? 

  1. Active adults
  2. Vulnerable adults
  3. Dementia sufferers
  4. Lone workers
  5. Trisomy

CPR Guardian is designed to keep the wearer safe so you can be sure that your elderly loved one is protected while they enjoy their freedom. CPR Guardian has a built-in emergency assist button, heart monitor and mobile phone capabilities + GPS tracking. What more can you ask for?


Don’t let your elderly parents or loved ones suffer from elderly loneliness. Help them stay active and enjoy their social life. Consider getting a fall detection watch to help you and your parent have peace of mind. The CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch with Fall Detection is an easy-to-use standalone mobile phone watch with an integrated SIM card. It’s a personal alarm that contacts family. They can view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely by using the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. Carers can call the fall detection watch just like a mobile phone. Please contact us if you need assistance.

CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch

Standalone Personal Alarm Watch with Monitoring APP

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