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For seniors with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, everyday can be a struggle. GPS medical alert smartwatches are the newest technology to hit the senior & dementia care market. The CPR Guardian Best GPS smartwatch provides dementia sufferers with the safety of a SOS mobile, GPS tracker, medical alert system and features designed to help everyday living.

Quick Overview: 

Emergency SOS Button
Smart GPS Dementia Tracker
Heart Rate Monitor
24/7 Contact With Loved Ones
Powerful Battery Life
IP67 Waterproof
Nationwide Coverage
Free Next Day Delivery

This GPS dementia watch is cost-effective way of keeping those living with dementia safe while maintaining a degree of independence. The CPR Guardian is ideal as it's a lightweight device that can be worn on the wrist and detects when the alarm button is pressed, alerting the caregiver straight to their smartphone. Failing that, the GPS dementia smartwatch will then begin to call 5 other preset emergency contacts until a call is answered. 


"I bought this GPS watch a month ago for my father who was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 64. Although we are lucky to be in a position to care for him, having the guardian GPS dementia dementia watch is an extra piece of mind for us. The GPS watch is very easy to use, easy to store contact numbers in case of an emergency.

The app is fantastic with real time tracking so I always know where he is. I can contact him by calling his dementia watch, the reception is very clear. And theres the extra piece of mind knowing that if the phone network ever went down, the guardian GPS watch will access other networks to ensure he is reachable and visible at all times.

As a police officer myself, I have had to report numerous missing people, most of them being high risk due to their health and know that they could be missing for several days before being found. For me, this GPS dementia tracker watch is not only invaluable to people like my dad, but to their families and the emergency services in locating vulnerable adults and children."

Cat Ainsley, Metropolitan Police 


Best GPS Tracker for Dementia

Today, Jan Rosser from reviews the CPR Guardian II.

Do you worry about your loved ones when you cannot reach them by telephone? I have been sent a CPR Guardian GPS dementia tracker watch to evaluate.

Perhaps you have a spouse, relative or friend who is not in the best of health, possibly suffering with dementia and you are concerned about he or she being unsupervised.

You don't want them to feel less independent, but also don't want to make it obvious that they are being cared for using the latest technology. Making it ideal as a GPS dementia tracker for dementia sufferers.

What if he or she won't carry a mobile phone or is confused using one? 

Help is at hand with this new dementia GPS tracker watch which also acts as a phone, a heart monitor, most importantly a  built in emergency SOS button and has GPS tracking.

It is also waterproof  IP67 meaning the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour without any malfunction. See information about IP67 here.


How does it work?

First of all the CPR Guardian app needs to be downloaded to the smart phone which will link the dementia GPS tracker watch to the main carer's number. This app is FREE and has easy to read instructions on how to set up.

The phone is the 'hub' and has all the features that are on the GPS dementia tracker watch plus most importantly the LOCATION of where the watch is at any given time. This updates frequently, so the phone owner knows the whereabouts of the GPS watch at all times. 


What are the features?


The wearer will be able to alert you by holding the SOS button for THREE SECONDS. Your smartphone will show the status and location of the wearer and you will be able to take the necessary action required. Perfect as a discrete GPS tracker for dementia sufferers.


The GPS tracker technology is wonderful.  You will always know where your loved ones are. The GPS dementia tracker works through the Guardian smartphone app to track the wearer's outdoor location with GPS dementia technology or indoor with WiFi access point tracking. Great for those with dementia who often go missing or get lost.


Guardian II is able to let the wearer and the phone owner know if the heartbeat drops below 30 beats per minute. This is an excellent feature.


Maybe the wearer likes to exercise and see how many steps he or she takes in a day. Walking is an excellent way to maintain a good heart rate and also vital for well being of those suffering with health issues such as dementia.


The dementia GPS tracker watch is set up to be able to make and receive phone calls. A monthly or PAYG SIM packages are available by signing in to the SIM Portal page.


Geo-Zones are a term for a virtual radius around a location, maybe your home, a school or the park. The phone owner receives an alert every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.


Battery life is up to 48 hours and charging is done via a USB lead inserted into a compatible appliance such as a Laptop or desktop computer and has a magnetic connection directly applied to the dementia GPS tracker watch.


The phone owner can view the wearer's route history for the previous 2 days via the App.


Up to 30 contact numbers can be added to the GPS demenita tracker watch via the App which is good and you can also opt out of having the SOS button applied to the individual numbers. This makes the watch ideal for people with dementia who need 24/7 contact with loved ones.

The CPR Guardian GPS tracker for dementia sufferers.

What do I think?

The GPS dementia tracker watch is fairly straightforward to set up if you are used to downloading Apps as the instructions are clear and legible.

I think it is a good way of keeping track on your vulnerable loved ones or those suffering from dementia. The wearer should find the swiping functions easy enough if there are no hand mobility issues.

A few practice sessions are advised before leaving the wearer on his or her own with the Guardian II, especially if you're looking for GPS tracker for dementia sufferers.

The website has a good FAQ section and the customer service advisors are available to chat online or by telephone 0800 652 7780. You can also email

The website also has a comprehensive advanced users guide which is well laid out and easy to navigate.

The retail price of this GPS dementia tracker watch is £199.99 and you can take out a one year accidental damage coverage which ups the price to £239.98.

This may be expensive for some people if income is limited. A PAYG mobile phone is, of course, a lot cheaper, but doesn't come equipped with all the functions of the Guardian II which is a two way product.  

A one year guarantee is included as standard. Here is the link to order your own CPR Guardian GPS Dementia Tracker Watch.

For peace of mind for the relative/friend of the dementia sufferer and independence for the wearer, I can recommend this device. If you decide to order one, please let me know your thoughts and I can add the text at a later date.

CPR Guardian II Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

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