Best Fall Detection Watch for Older People: A Client Review

Best Fall Detection Watch for Older People: A Client Review

How can a fall detection watch help older people in their daily life? Here’s how CPR Guardian helped an older person.

A personal alarm is a tool that may alert authorities in the event of an accident, medical emergency, or security concern at home for you or a loved one. To help you, they could get in touch with a range of people, from a family member or friend to a care team or the emergency services.

The fall detection watch is one of the most frequently used personal alarms. Here is a client's review of what happened.

The Best Fall Detection Watch for Older People

Best Fall Detection Watch for Older People: A Client Review

"I bought this for my elderly mother as she was starting to worry about falling and no one being around to know. One day, I had just arrived at my friend's house when the watch called me. Mum had fallen and couldn't get up. I managed to get there whilst calling an ambulance on the way, and she was taken to the hospital. It had been a serious fall and if it had contacted me, she would not have gotten to the hospital without further complications. To me, it is worth its weight in gold."

How Can CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch Help?

We're not sure why these potent little devices went unnoticed for so long; maybe it was their small size. However, we felt that personal alarms need more focus, so we made a list of their benefits.

Quick Assistance

The ability to call someone right away for help is the main advantage of having a personal alarm. They may be worn all day, unlike a phone, and if you fall, they will instantly sound an alert. A personal alarm might be the difference between life and death in an emergency if your elderly loved one has a chronic health condition.

Personal alarms are very helpful in the event of a stroke or heart attack and have been demonstrated to reduce the amount of time it takes for older people to get medical attention.

Best Fall Detection Watch for Older People: A Client Review

Remaining Independent

Senior citizens may maintain their independence with the help of personal alarms. Many elderly people choose them over moving into a home because they are a great alternative to live-in care.

Some elderly people worry that using a personal alarm would make them less independent. The precise opposite, however, is true.

Personal alarms are designed to boost your confidence and reduce your reliance on other people.

Save Money

When compared to care services like in-home help and residential care, personal alarms are quite inexpensive. Renting a personal alarm with 24-hour monitoring often costs less than £400 per year, and paying annually may result in savings.

Assurance for the Entire Family

Each of us has been worried about a family member. Anyone, young or old, might be involved in an accident. Therefore, it makes sense to worry about the individuals we care about when we are unable to ensure their safety.

The two main concerns for elderly relatives are falls and health issues. You may provide your elderly relative with a fast and effective way to reach you and remove their worries by getting a personal alarm.

Boost the Likelihood that You'll Fully Recover

The sooner we get help when we are unwell, the better. Personal alarms increase our chances of a full recovery by speeding up the process of getting medical help.

Every minute counts when someone's life is in danger. If you have a personal alarm system that you can use around the clock, the emergency services will be alerted as soon as you start to feel unwell. They will be familiar with your medical history before they come.

The CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch with Fall Detection is an easy-to-use standalone mobile phone watch with an integrated SIM card. It’s a personal alarm that contacts family. They can view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely by using the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. Carers can call the fall detection watch just like a mobile phone. Please contact us if you need assistance.

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